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Total Immunity Wellness Shots Made with Exotic Brazilian Fruits

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ZAVU® Immunity Wellness shots are formulated for the health-conscious, on-the-go consumers seeking a powerful pick me up to help them through their day. Brazilian acerola, mango, and passion fruits are harvested at the peak of ripeness to create refreshing organic wellness shots with an incredible amount of Vitamin C!

Supercharge With Superfruit
Passion Fruit

Nutrition Facts Servings: 1, Serv. size: 12oz. (360ml)


From Our Lands,
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Acerola Fruits in Bowl Acerola Fruits

THE LAND AND ITS PEOPLE. Organic acerola fruit is harvested by farmers who work in a cooperative system, forming a mutually beneficial bond between Brazil’s land and its people. Through sustainable and organic farming, the environment is cared for and the lives of local co-op families are improved. Brazilians work hard to improve the organic production of the crops on these small farms. The land then cares for them during harvest season when the plants create more jobs, improving the quality of life for all.

THE CROPS. The cherry-like acerola fruit is bright red with a juicy, tart pulp and delicate flavor with apple notes. The fruit is super high in Vitamin C, up to 4,000 mg per 100g, making acerola shots a perfect addition to your diet.

Acerola comes from a unique region in Northeast Brazil called the Sertão.

Farmers in this region cultivate acerola alongside other native crops and trees to prevent deforestation while planting the fruit. The ample sunshine boosts the acerola's vitamin C content, and smart planing ensures a bountiful harvest year after year. The fruit pulp is cold-pressed and mixed with immune boosters Elderberry and Echinacea to deliver a wellness shot bursting with flavor.

Map of South America South America

The Sertão refers to the Northeast Interior Region of Brazil and is known for its tropical climate with high temperatures and low rainfall.

The acerola plant thrives in dry, sandy soil and requires full sunlight to grow effectively - making it an ideal crop to flourish in this arid Northeast Brazilian region.

Interesting Facts ABOUT BRAZIL’s Sertão region

Sertão is a Portuguese word meaning “hinterland” or “backcountry” and is located just below the equator in northeastern Brazil.
Some of the largest Acerola plantings in the world are located in this distinct region.
In the Sao Francisco river district of the sertao, a fragrant and flavorful form of passion fruit grows - called "maracuja do mato"

About Us

The founders of Zavu, Shayne and Larissa, were inspired to launch Zavu using the acerola fruit, based on time spent in Brazil with Larissa’s family.

Larissa, a Brazilian born and raised in the Northeast region of Brazil, grew up with acerola in its native habitat. Larissa’s mom makes acerola juice for lunch, the main meal of the day in Brazil. Upon returning to the U.S. after holiday visits to Brazil, Shayne and Larissa noticed their immunity gradually decreased. Outside of the sunshine and great food in Brazil, the high doses of daily Vitamin C from the acerola juice seemed to benefit their immune systems. Upon further research, they realized that acerola has the highest Vitamin C content of any fruit in the world. The inspiration for Zavu was born, and the “immunity” shot was developed, along with other added organic ingredients to boost your immunity. Every time we drink a Zavu, it reminds us of family, sunshine, and the spirit of Brazil.

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