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Organic Superfruit Juice Blends Straight from the Brazilian Rainforest

Taste The Tropics

ZAVU® is for those yearning for a healthy drink and a taste experience that transports you to the tropics.

Indigenous Brazilian caju, acerola and cupuacu fruits are harvested at the peak of ripeness to create refreshing organic juice beverages plus pulp for you.

Shake up the pulp.

What The Fruit


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Nutrition Facts Servings: 1, Serv. size: 12oz. (360ml)


Packed With Antioxidants

From Our Lands,
To Your Hands

THE LAND AND ITS PEOPLE. ZAVU’s fruits are harvested by farmers who work in a fair trade organization and cooperative system, forming a mutually beneficial bond between Brazil’s land and its people. Through sustainable and organic farming, the environment is cared for along with the everyday lives of the co-op’s people. The families on these small farms work hard to improve the organic production of the crops. The land then cares for them during harvest season when the crops create more jobs, in turn improving the quality of life for all.

THE CROPS. Cupuacu comes from the central corridor of the Brazilian Rainforest. To conserve the rainforest, the fruits are cultivated from farms that combine organic and agroforestry practices. Farmers cultivate cupuacu alongside other native crops and trees to prevent deforestation while planting the fruit. Caju and acerola come from the northeast of Brazil which provides the best climate and land for cultivation. The ample sunshine boosts vitamin C content of the acerola and increases cashew nut production in the caju. Smart planning and a great respect for the land ensures a bountiful harvest year after year.

Northeastern Brazil & Brazilian Rainforest

  • Select caju, acerola and cupuacu fruits are harvested and pressed in Brazil to create a raw, pulpy juice.
  • The fruit pulp is cold pressed and mixed with organic sweeteners.
  • High pressure processing seals in maximum freshness and delivers a juice beverage bursting with flavor.


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